The Deliverd Difference

Learn about the awesome work we do in communities and how the meal you buy from us goes to helping local people

The Deliverd smile

"The Deliverd Smile represents the essence of the company, ‘Happiness, Deliverd’. It is an emblem of the positive impact upon every single point of the network, from the Chef, kitchen, server, and customer."

Positive impact

We strive for positive social impact within the cities that we operate, integrating this element intrinsically within our business model, rather than as an ‘add-on’. We do this by partnering with local social outreach projects, like the Cathedral Archer Project - enabling their kitchens to become involved in exactly the same way as the other food businesses.

This opportunity allows individuals to experience true commercial food design and production within a controlled and safe environment.

The skills based training that the activity generates, contributes towards improved confidence and self esteem, as well as genuine qualification progression such as NVQs; providing a potential channel to real employment further down the line.