Frequently asked questions

We might not have the answer to the meaning of life but you should be able to find the answer to your Deliverd related conundrum below! If not then please get in touch with us on chat or at [email protected]


Simply tell us your delivery postcode, we’ll then show you what tasty treats are available in your area
Yes, infact you can save time by planning your entire week! Dishes are displayed by day, so simply choose the dishes you would like and select the delivery time that suits you best.
You certainly can. Just type in the amount you would like and add them to your cart. If you put in too many, you can always remove them at checkout.
Every chef/kitchen has a cut off point for orders. Typically you would need to order by 09:00 for delivery the same day.
Deliverd dishes sell out fast, there are only a limited number of each kind available (this number varies from one chef/kitchen to the next) so it's always best to order as early on as possible.
You will receive an order confirmation email once your order has been successfully processed. You can also view all of your upcoming deliveries in the [Upcoming Deliveries] section of your account dashboard.
Deliverd currently serves Sheffield city centre and outskirts - outskirts are not postcode specific but are served if within a 15 minute cycle from Sheffield city centre. One of the first things we will ask you for is your delivery postcode to check whether or not we are up and running in your area.
All main dishes are currently £4.
No, you can order just one dish if you like. We're sure once you've tried our food though, you'll want to order more in future!
We take security very seriously. Your payments are processed securely by a top tier credit card vendor, Braintree. Braintree keeps your information secure by using industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools. We never store your card details on our own servers.


Delivery is free. Yes, you read it right, FREE!
You will be alerted when your delivery has almost arrived/arrived. If you are unavailable to meet your Deliverd server then please let them know and specify whether there is someone else who can accept your dishes or if there is a safe place where you would like them leaving. If they are unable to get in touch with you then they will use their best judgement to determine whether there is a safe place, such as an office reception to leave your dishes - they will be sure to inform you of this. If there is not a safe place available and they have not heard from you, then they will wait a full 10 minutes at your location before bringing the dishes back to base. You will be alerted of this. In this circumstance you will still be charged.
All of our delivery is done by bike or on foot. As we don't have any motorised vehicles, we don't need to charge you a delivery fee (lucky you!). All dishes are transported in insulated carry backpacks or panniers, which mean they reach you chilled.
Dishes are always delivered chilled. We don't like keeping food hot, it's not good for the food so it certainly wouldn't make great eating by the time it reaches you! Dishes are transported in insulated cool backpacks and panniers and are never outside of a fridge for longer than the EHO approved time limit. Every Deliverd dish comes with clear heating and plating instructions written by the chef who has prepared the dish for you.
This is entirely at your discretion. We do not currently offer a gratuity function in our app or on our website so any tips should be made directly to them.
We have collection hubs dotted around the city - usually at gyms, office blocks and serviced residencies. These are accessible to those hubs' members only. Should a member wish to arrange a delivery to their hub then they should first email [[email protected]] so that they can be granted access.


We partner with passionate chefs in your city's most exciting kitchens to produce a diverse menu that represents the life and soul of the city's culinary scene. We hand-pick each of our partner kitchens, concentrating on individuality, quality and passion. You can learn about the chefs behind each dish by viewing the information on the dish detail page.
Each chef/kitchen only ever features one or two showcase dishes on our menu at any one point. Every single dish on the Deliverd menu has been designed to be transported and heated up by you following the chef’s simple instructions.
The Deliverd menu represents a range of cuisines, from European to American, South American, Asian and beyond. All Deliverd dishes arrive chilled. Many can be eaten hot or cold, but a few are definitely best eaten hot. We'll tell you what's what in the dish description!
It's on purpose we promise! By chilling our food down after our chefs have cooked it and keeping it chilled until it gets to you, we don't just keep it fresh, we gain more control over how much it gets cooked. No mushy broccoli or soggy rice here! This format also gives you more flexibility, people can eat at different times, and it's easy to order extra for the following day, and hey, if you don't get round to eating a dish simply pop it in the fridge!
Every dish comes with full heating and plating instructions from the chef who has made it for you so you can ensure it's at its best when you want it to be.
All in all you it should take you about five minutes to get it from box, heated and onto a plate following the chef's instructions.
Every Deliverd dish is good for a full two days, so if you receive it on a Monday lunchtime then it will be fine to eat until the end of Wednesday. Every box is clearly date labelled.
Deliverd dishes can be frozen safely but it may compromise the texture (and therefore quality) of some of the elements within the dish.
The black tray and lid can be put in the microwave however you shouldn't put either of these in the oven. Be careful when you take the black tray and lid out of the microwave as steam can collect inside.
No, they're not. They are made of a plant starch which melts when heat is applied. All of our heating and plating instructions work around this though.
Dishes usually weigh in between 450g and 550g. Based on feedback this is the 'sweet spot' in terms of fullness for an average Deliverd customer.
All of our partner chefs insist on using the best ingredients to bring you fresh, super tasty feel-good food. They always source ingredients locally where possible and use high welfare meat.
Please make sure you read the dish description as well as the ingredients and allergens list before ordering. Please note that dishes are prepared in kitchens whose environment contains nuts, wheat, dairy, etc. Although best practices are used when preparing the meal, inadvertent cross-contamination may occur.
Yes, some of our dishes are vegetarian and/or vegan - this information is clearly labelled in the dish description.
A dish's description clearly states if it contains halal meat.
Unfortunately, our chefs are unable to omit or add in extra ingredients. However, we do welcome all feedback, so if there is something you particularly dislike or would like to see on the menu then please email the team at [[email protected]]
It's good to know what you're putting in your body so we provide a full nutritional breakdown in the dish description in the app. Your dish also comes with a leaflet that explains the nutritional breakdown in detail.


But of course! The Deliverd sleeve and leaflets can all be placed in paper and cardboard recycling bins. The black meal tray can be placed in plastics and the transparent sauce pots can be composted as they are made of plant starch. We've spent a lot of time sourcing sustainable packaging solutions that are robust enough to keep your dishes safe and sound.
We no longer provide cutlery as standard - this is based on customer feedback over our first six months of operating.


Whether you're raving or ranting about us, we want to hear from you! We pride ourselves on providing the best food and service possible so if you're not happy we want to put things right. Please email the team at [[email protected]]
Please get in touch with our support team at [[email protected]], it'd be great if you could explain the problem so that our techies can get it sorted as quickly as possible.
Oh dear, we're so sorry, we'll get this sorted straightway, please alert us by emailing [[email protected]] or calling us on +44 114 386 3102.

Order cancellations and changes

You have the right to cancel your order within a reasonable amount of time and before the order becomes a 'started order'. A started order is one where our chefs have already started using food to prepare the order. Please email [[email protected]].
We know life can sometimes be unpredictable! Please email the team at [[email protected]] with your order change request and they will do their best to shuffle things around for you. If an order is a 'started order' (a started order is one where our chefs have already started using food to prepare the order) then unfortunately it will not be possible to change it.

Account settings

Simply head to the [Settings] area of your account dashboard - here you will be able to update your password.
We only get in touch when we think that the info will be of interest to you. If you would like to unsubscribe then scroll to the bottom of a Deliverd email and click the 'unsubscribe' link.


All of our contact details are available on the [Contact] page. Our support team are available at [[email protected]] and on +44 114 386 3102. Enquiries are usually responded to within four working hours. You can also catch us on online chat or on [Twitter] or [Facebook].