About Deliverd

Learn a bit more about Deliverd, the team and about the Deliverd story.

Happiness, Deliverd!

Deliverd makes it easy for you to get super tasty chef-made dishes delivered to you at work, home or a local collection hub in time for your lunch or dinner. You order online (anywhere from a week in advance up to the same day) and we deliver the chilled meals to you by bicycle. Main dishes are just £4, delivery is free and there’s no minimum order!

Our Food

The Deliverd menu is made up of a number of hand-picked chefs’ showcase dishes - meaning you get to pick the very best of what your city has to offer from one menu! There’s Japanese, Spanish, British, Thai, Mexican, Indian…a real emphasis on tastiness, freshness, quality and balance.

How it works

Dishes are delivered chilled (no lukewarm food here!). Some dishes may be eaten cold whilst others are best heated. Just follow our chefs’ simple instructions to create an exciting eating experience in less than five minutes, at the time that suits you best.

Wondering how it all began?

It was a sunny spring day, the birds were singing, the daffodils swayed gently in the wind…nah, only messing, it all began online. Tech geek Paul was frustrated...with his state of health - his answer to ‘What’s for dinner?’ was always pizza or a greasy takeaway, he wanted a better solution that tasted great, was convenient but didn’t break the bank. In another city, a chef called James had been searching for a new adventure within food. Paul searched the web and came across James’ website - it was an old website from a first foray into fusing food with tech, a crude idea that he’d written off after spending all his savings on and almost took offline only weeks before. The conversations began, they had their Eureka moment and Deliverd began in March 2015, in Sheffield on an EU funded accelerator course. The rest is yet to be written.

The Team

Deliverd is a small but mighty team - Paul, James, Mohit, Holly and Jack and of course our merry band of delivery servers! We all from ‘up North’, apart from Mohit (our Master of Tech).

Paul Rawlings - CEO and Co-Founder

Paul’s been working in the tech start-up space for a number of years, he’s an active mentor to other young start-ups. He loves to make your day-to-day life easier through super slick technology.

Outside of work: Ping-pong champion, beer guzzler, Netflix fiend.

Favourite Deliverd dish: Chef Damian’s Brisket N’ Beans.

James Grant - Food Director and Co-Founder

A passionate career chef with a solid nutritional education. James hand-picks the chefs and kitchens we partner with. Every dish has to get his seal of approval before it’s allowed on the Deliverd menu. Afterall, we only want to bring you the best of the best of the best!

Out of work: All round mountain man, yoga attempter, chocoholic.

Favourite Deliverd dish: Chef Jim’s Spicy Lamb Kofta.

Mohit Aneja - Chief Tech Officer

If you’ve ever seen The Matrix then you’ll know what we mean by screens and screens of code - that’s Mohit’s world! And he loves it. Got a website to build - Mohit will eat it for breakfast!

Out of work: Motorcycle tourer, trekker, family man.

Favourite Deliverd Dish: Amigo’s Chicken Fajita.

Holly Pugh - Head of Marketing

A real devil for detail, Holly does everything in her power to make sure the Deliverd experience you receive is absolutely tip-top! She’s the one who’ll keep you up to date each week with the latest news and offers.

Out of work: Skiier, crossfit goer, cake baker.

Favourite Deliverd dish: The Archer Project’s Salmon Protein Bowl.

Jack Smith - Head of Logistics

Jack. the 3rd most common first name in the world (for a male). Smith. the most common surname in the UK. Jack Smith however, doesn’t have a common job. He heads up our delivery crew, ensuring your dishes reach you on time, every time.

Out of work: Astronomer, artiste, guitar hero.

Favourite dish: Chef Rohan’s Chicken Biryani.